Can You Benefit From Solar Energy?

Each year, more and more home and business owners are embracing the power that is solar energy. Many are searching for independence from big utility companies while others are looking for a way to be easier on the environment, but it all leads back to our most renewable energy source of all: Solar.

The earth depends on the sun for survival, why not allow the sun to provide us with energy as well? Each year, the earth is hit with over 8 million quads (1 quad = 1,000,000,000,000,000 BTU) of solar energy, and only 400 quads are used globally. In order to power the entire planet, only 0.0005 % of the earth would need to be covered with solar energy systems.

Installing solar electrical systems at your home or business can not only save you money, but can help to increase the power of solar energy across the globe. Find out more about the value of solar energy in our infographic.

Facts and Stats to Share:

  • Most Expensive Solar System
    • According to NREL, a $152,200,000 solar energy system was built in October 2009 in Florida
  • Oldest Solar System
    • NREL dates some of the oldest solar systems in the United States being installed in 1983 in Florida and Idaho
  • The earth is hit with 8.2 million quads of solar energy each year
  • Average payback period on a residential solar installation: 9 years (payback period for commercial solar is significantly less)
  • It costs less than $3.00/W to install a residential solar roof mount

Solar State Incentives & Tax Credits

Pennsylvania Solar Energy Incentives

Pennsylvania’s Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard Act of 2004 (AEPSA) requires that 18 percent of electricity sold at retail in PA derive from solar energy and other renewable sources by 2021. To reach AEPSA compliance, your energy company is prepared to pay you for energy produced by your residential solar system.

Currently, homes and businesses are eligible to receive a federal tax credit of up to 30% of the installed system cost with no cap. This program previously set to expire December 31, 2016 has been extended through 2019. The tax credit then declines in value each of the next two years.

These energy payments can be worth thousands of dollars annually. But the pricing system is complex, based on your hourly kilowatt generation recorded in solar renewable energy credits (SRECs), which are then valued by a stock exchange-like market. That’s why JK Mechanical takes care of the process for all of our customers.

With JK Mechanical as your solar partner:

  • We manage your SREC paperwork with the state and your energy company.
  • We keep track of your kW production and work hard to find you the best rate.
  • You sit back and wait for your check.  It’s that simple.

Request a quote or contact us today and learn how a JK Mechanical solar installation can make money for you.

Maryland Solar Energy Incentives

Tax credits valid through 2016.Additionally, state grants may be available to help reduce your total investment by almost 50%. The current payback on a typical solar system installed in Maryland is between six and seven years.

Additional incentives:

Maryland Sales Tax Incentive

  • Offered for homeowners installing a photovoltaic solar system
  • Maximum incentive: $3,000 residential, $4,500 non-residential
  • 100% exemption from sales and use tax

Maryland’s Residential Clean Energy Tax Credit

  • Offered to residential, commercial, agricultural installing photovoltaic and solar thermal electric
  • Maximum incentive: $2.5 million (total credits allowed during five-year period)
  • No specific size restrictions, however initial credit minimum is $1,000
  • Valid through 12/31/2015

Earn Money with Solar Renewable Energy Credits

If you produce more energy than you use, you can sell it back to the utility company for electricity credits – saving even more money.  In Maryland, power companies are required by law to obtain a minimum percentage of their electricity from alternative sources such as solar power. Rather than create a costly solar facility themselves, the companies may meet this requirement by purchasing SRECs from other companies or individuals who generate renewable energy with a solar panel system, including homeowners with a personal solar panel system installed. Because solar must be purchased within the state, the SREC prices have remained stable at $125.

Request a quote or contact us today and learn how a JK Mechanical solar installation can make money for you.

Our Experience & Value

With more than 35 years of experience and expertise in installing solar systems, JK Mechanical understands the technology, as well as the incentives to make solar a sound investment for your future.

With the 30% federal tax credit available through 2016 and the costs associated with a solar installation down, solar is just as affordable today as it was a few years ago.And even better, there’s no wait to see results. Once your panels are installed, your electric bill will go down.

With JK Mechanical’s Smart Energy Solutions, you get:

  • High Quality, durable American made Solar panels
  • Fast installation by a factory-trained company
  • 25-Year performance warranty on solar modules
  • No yearly maintenance costs
  • Management of your energy credit paperwork with the state and your utility company
  • Lower electricity bills immediately
  • 30% federal tax credit